I am the May.Life & Live mascot owl Mayli.
I was born out of the explosion of inspiration and fantasy. I'm not well-known, maybe not so pretty or sweet and absolutely without talent. But I want to stand out like all mascots and be in hearts of people, so maybe you can help me and create your versions. Mascots bring good luck. In fact, the word “mascot" is a French and it means something that brings luck to a household.

Of course, there are many mascots in the world. May Life & Live creates a mascot that's completely unique, which encourage and inspired. Mayli just is fun. Mayli's character develop beautifully. This is our own vision. Have you ever wondered how looks our Mascot in your eyes? Draw or paint a picture of our mascot Mayli creation, a form of style and expression, it should be appealing in order to grab the attention. You can share your design with our users. You might take inspiration from our Mayli.

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Let's see what you can create too!