May.Life & Live provides new solutions that set new standards for artist promotion, it shows how to it provides International stages and the places where talents can make their opportunities and show their work from first step of beginning to the peak of popularity. In May.Life & Live Studios, with 24h Live Channel, you can see all Interviews with talents, all about their work, our shows, upcoming concerts und events, song presentations, also it will be possible look behind the scenes, what is going on at May.Life & Live, live video streaming from May.Life & Live clubs, and many more things are planned, stay tuned what awaits you soon.

The May.Life & Live clubs provide stage and the place where can talents share their opportunities and make show for visitors and fans. DJ, style of music, great tunes, cost, venue, and date all you can find in our website. On May.Life & Live clubs will be also Live -Streaming. All events will be live on May Live clubs online broadcasting and users can follow what happened also behind of scene. A more open world is a better world, that's why will be shown people which work in backstage too. May. Live -Streaming it is the relationship between talents/artists and users/viewers.

May.Life & Live is to promote musicians and their events. It gives you an array of information about all May.Life & Live events available in the area, where your friends are going, the musician who is singing and the kind of music that would be performed and the DJs that would be spinning at the event, dancers, bands and entertainment artists which are participated on shows. It has a great repository of information about live music events coming up around every area. So if you’re in the good spirit, just open up your web browser of choice, type in one address - May.Life & Live Clubs, and view all of the shows and upcoming events.

Keep up to date with all our activities and upcoming events in May.Life & Live Clubs, shows and much more!

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