MAY LIFE & LIVE is an entertainment news portal and social network for talents, newcomers and artists from all around the world.

Our company is engaged in producing, promotion of exploration of new talented artists. It offers a huge variety of projects: music, dance and entertainment, etc.

We have created a virtual community of entertainment who are musicians, singers, bands, dancers, artists, comedians, models, directors and even seekers who are looking to build a talent social network where artists can develop a unique connection with their fan base. May Life & Live consists of like-minded people keep on a common idea.

We work with big group of talents from all over the world across boundaries. With respect and faith we grow through creativity, invention and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business.

Nothing brings people together more than a common interest. May Life & Live is a new creative approach to the promotion of art, we provide new solutions that set new standards for artist promotion.

Our mission is that everyone which has talent, which feel inside the art , can feel support and know that it will be seen, appreciated, and will help move forward. If you find inside you the Creative Spark - then we really have COMMON interests, then we are together!

Always be as close as possible. May Life goes with the times with May Live!

Keeping Up with the May Life & Live !!!