Live Stream lets you live stream in real-time on our channel, to broadcast our event live. Using Live Streaming we will 24h share our live shows, events, news, concerts and more. This is the quick and easy way to go live and our users can get the real time what happened in May.Life & Live.

You can reach your audience live by taking advantage of live streaming on our website. Watching an event on Livestream anywhere and on any device you are support also your lovely artists and can stay on touch of them.

With Live – Streaming you can follow whole events and even what happened also behind of scene.

During live streaming, you will see

• 24h Live May.Life & Live program
• May.Life & Live Shows
• May.Life & Live Events
• May.Life & Live Concerts
• Interviews with our artists
• Our Lifestyle Trends 
• Behind of May.Life & Live scene
• Work of our Team in May.Life & Live

Joining us via Live Stream soon and enjoy it.