Clean Bandit “Rockabye” ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie cover by Girls music Band Vocal Rush

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Rockabye - Clean Bandit ft. Anne Marie (Vocal Rush Cover)

Indian girls band Vocal Rush makes waves on social media. Mangalore’s Young Girls Band Vocal Rush is a new generation music group, which consist of Riya Benny Apeksha Palanna, Nichelle Monteiro, Natasha Coelho, and Merula Pinto.

Inspired by English pop girl group Spice girls, young students from St. Agnes College decided to come together to make music.

Vocal Rush music group’s debut cover was Hello by Adele, which brought them popularity also beyond the city’s boundaries.

“We are five girls who bonded through singing, making covers of songs of different genres. Making Covers with our own creativity and Improvisation. And to produce our own songs eventually’,-share girls.

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