Violin cover of the main theme song from “Game of Thrones” by Valentine Voroshilov

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The Best ever violin playing Games of Thrones theme

Russian violinist, model and composer Valentine Voroshilov is one of talented distinguished musicians today.

He has made cover versions of many popular song putting extra touches of feeling and emotions, which can touch the heart of listener so strongly. He provides a truly inspired music to the violin repertoire. He focuses on the violin and tries simply to conquer it. With beautiful violin tone, vitality and lightness he beautifully encompasses human emotions in his music.

The violin has never been so modern and actually. I and my sound will reveal the potential of this tool as much as possible. I look forward to the creative power. I will be strong until the end, and do, what I feel inside. Violin only a tool for the expression of sacred music. I'm looking for sounds, arrangements everywhere. Very fond of Soul and Gospel. Bass lines, drum brakes, grooves.’-shares Valentine.

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