Unique Ways To Composers: Román Montero

The Secrets Behind the Music Composing Process is difficult to find the right words to describe. Usually it includes a lead melody line which in every step by step becoming a harmony lines. But what actually happens in human brain is always quite mystical. Anyway, there is a wisdom: "Talking about music - it's like that dancing about architecture." You must hear and feel the music. Composer, songwriter, player,talented musician Román Montero from Argentina in May.Life & Live

Roman Montero

Buenos Aires City, Argentina, 1983
Professional profile: Composer, songwriter, player, teacher,sound producer and designer

Musical styles: various including classical, rock, jazz, instrumental, elecroacoustic, pop, argentine folk, tango, metal, electronic, ambient, antique music, world music.

Instruments: Multi-instrumentalist: classical (six and eigth strings), acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, renaissance vihuela, mandolin, zhiter, vocals, percussion, drums, cello, viola, keyboards, harmonic, etc.

Label: Rmoon (independet musician), Paraíso producciones, RM, Liberato, Innova.

Associated acts: Daniel Argañaraz, Santa Ciencia, Carnarium, Cuartetóleo, Sin Rumbo, Rituaria, Mindslave, La fragua, Sesimer, etc.

Roman Montero started playing guitar and composing at six years old. His brothers were autodidact musicians and taught him basics about playing guitar. Then he was autodidact up to twenty one years old. From age 21 he studied music at many institutions reaching various degrees.

From learning to read and write music, he started editing his own scores composing a great quantity of music and experiencing with classical music. Main musical influences on his style are John Barry, Frank Zappa, Astor Piazzolla, John Cage, Claude Debussy, Keane, Basil poledouris, Devin Townsend, Ennio Morricone, Nuno Bettencourt, etc.

He also gave many concerts and conferences playing classical guitar (soloist and with many musical groups too). Then he also became a music teacher working on different levels and modalities. He joined several bands and projects, both solo and with other artists. He was involved too in choral projects and musical theater. He actually works in the roles of performer, composer and producer mainly.

He also completed the orchestration of a national anthem. He participated in numerous music festivals and made presentations at important stages, playing electric and classical guitar, among other instruments and also presenting his own compositions for orchestra and other instrumental groups. He composed about 50 outstanding opus, among many others.

He composed soundtracks for short films and also fulfilled the role of sound designer. In 2012 he joined the international cultural project Nature et Culture Hautes-Terres, Charles-Michael Vinson, Secretary and Treasurer in Foundation Franz Liszt in France.

He explored other artistic fields to get to work with combined arts. In 2014 La Matanza University's social communication sector made a documentary about his life and music. He has numerous appearances on television, radio and newspapers.

Throughout his career, he shared the stage with musicians like Charly Garcia, Celeste Carballo, Vox Dei, Quintet Gale, Carlos Martinez, Carle Costa, Pablo Uriarte, Ricardo Zelaschi, Antonio Tarragó Ros, Chaqueño Palavecino, Alejandro Lerner, Juan Falu, Raly Barrionuevo, Obi Homer, La bruja Salguero, Jorge Rojas, among others.

Román Montero - Seis (2010)

He played and record with several rock bands, he made his first presentations in public at Provinces of Buenos Aires and Córdoba. Roman record one rock solo album (playing all instruments and vocals). He made his first classical compositions. Also he worked as a music private tutor.

Official discography: - Román Montero. Colección 6 Eps, composiciones. Vol. IV. (2014). Rmoon producciones. - Román Montero. Colección 6 Eps, composiciones. Vol. I. (2013). RM Producciones.

Román Montero - LIFE - Improvisación a dos tomas (2015)

Recently he was attracted by the idea of exploring improvisation, releasing numerous songs (mostly in web format) with first take improvisations on electric guitar.

“I can't define a preference for a genre or musical style in particular. When I do my music, whether deliberate or improvised, always ends up coming out a bunch of special own features and style. Music is an art that's associated with everything so sometimes I also ventured into other artistic fields. I even thought that the true work of art is life itself. I like to listen and observe always to learn. Then communicate through the same ways as a natural process. I like nature but I consider reason and human behavior as a part of that”.

Roman Montero

May.Life & Live - Making music should be an activity which enhances your quality of life, and which allows you to share what is best in yourself. In this point of view, May.Life & Live wishes Roman All the Best! Keep making music!

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