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We are not famous group, which consists of a hearing-impaired guys, but we try and go for our dreams.

Paradox -
Sergey Kapitonov, Tatyana Kozhevnikova, Alina Kendysh

This story began in distant Vladivostok, where talented guys have created an unusual musical group "Paradox". The initial composition of the musical group made up by Sergei Kapitonov, who is hard of hearing, and deaf-mute Tatyana Kozhevnikova. Later them were joined singer Alina Kendysh. Each of guys has his own dreams and goals. Sergey is Pastry chef, Alina continues music career and Tatyana is participating beauty contests and making model-actress career. But together they are the group and they make all them best to show the world that dreams can come true.

"We are not famous group, which consists of a hearing-impaired guys, but we try and go for our dreams."

Paradox - Ангел

Special interview for May.Life Russia with musical group "Paradox" from Vladivostok, Russia.

Interview with music group Paradox from Vladivostok, Russia

Text from Interview

ML&L - Hello guys, tell us about the history of your group? How it all began?

Paradox - Sergey Kapitonov - Our group based on 2008. I created together with Tatyana Kozhevnikova, who is deaf and dreamt to become a model and actress. I dreamt about music career and I offered to her make music group. I wrote first our song “Angel”, but we our not professional singer, we can’t sing, so we had translate it into gestures, later but we sang only chorus in song.

ML&L - How did you meet each other?

Paradox - Sergey Kapitonov - With Tatyana we studied in the same school. But later she moved another school for deaf-mute people. At first I didn't know any gesture, but later some my friends taught me how to speak with hands. Gesturing helped to talk with Tatyana. It's already been 17 years since we are friends. As to Alina, I met her in cafe.

Paradox - Alina Kendysh - I worked in restaurant as a singer. Once Sergey celebrated his birthday in our restaurant. Then he found me on VKontakte and wrote that he have the music group, unusual group by deaf-mute Tatiana and himself, who doesn't hear well. So for me it’s so unusual and in some way interesting. By the same token I'm up for anything except a hunger strike. I had agreed to be a part of group as a soloist. Soon we have recorded a first song “Angel”.

ML&L - Do you have music education?

Paradox - Sergey Kapitonov - No, I haven’t. I have culinary education, I’m a Pastry

Paradox - Alina Kendysh - I have finished music school. I have took piano and flute lessons. Now I’m playing in Orchestra.

ML&L - Which musical instrument would you like to play?

Paradox - Sergey Kapitonov - I can't play any musical instruments, but later I want to learn playing drums or guitar.

ML&L - Who in the group writes the lyrics and who the text?

Paradox - Sergey Kapitonov - I can write only text, but Alina can compose the music and write a song.

ML&L - What's your favorite artist? Who inspires you and why?

Paradox - Sergey Kapitonov - I can't defined. Lot of them.

Paradox - Alina Kendysh - I like Christina Aguilera. For me she is the standard of vocal mastery. From our singers I like Ani Lorak and new group of VIA GRA. And of course Polina Gagarina, her energy on stage. It’s so close for me, really, if you are on stage, that you must show your best!

ML&L - What do you more like working with covers or on your own songs?

Paradox - Sergey Kapitonov - For me better own songs.

Paradox - Alina Kendysh - I like both of them. My own songs I put all my soul, and what about cover versions, so it's more practice my vocal skills. I think it’s very important practice.

ML&L - In which situations coming inspiration to writing songs?

Paradox - Sergey Kapitonov - When I’m working. Suddenly coming all words on head, for example about crazy love,passion,music and I’m trying so quickly write the text on paper for not forget it. When I come back home I can sort all text.


May.Life & Live - Thank you, guys, for your nice interview.

The musical group "Paradox" overcome all difficulties and create wonderful music. May.Life sincerely wishes you inspiration and success in the realization of your ideas, the execution of all plans. You hear music with your heart –it is the most important thing!

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