In May.Life & Live NO BRAKE breaks all brakes!

Genre of alternative rock, Indie rock, began to enjoy more popularity nowadays too. An interview with talented musicians from Slovakia, members of Indie rock band "NO BRAKE"

No Breke Members

Juraj Benacka (Euro) - vocals + guitar
Stanislav Geci (Stanley) - drums
Martin Benacka (Mato) – bass

ML&L - Hello and Welcome, guys! So let’s starting to questions. How did you get started with playing and creating music?

Euro - I started when I was 10 years old and had a guitar with only 3 strings. When I was older, we formed a punk-rock band with my friends from Stara Lubovna. And I was a drummer and a singer at once so it was really difficult. No Brake was formed accidentally in 2009 and I really enjoyed playing guitar and singing there. It was fun and a big relief for me.
Stanley - When I was 13 and I learnt a lot from older and more experienced musicians I played with. I´ve played with No Brake since April 2014.
Mato - It was a long time ago. At first, I only played Otherside by Red Hot Chili Peppers on one guitar string and it was awkward. I never played a bass guitar since we´ve formed No Brake with Euro and Jizzy, our previous drummer. The first moment when we started taking ourselves seriously was when we finished third at the international band competition in Poland in 2011. Then we had recorded our first album and I bought my first bass guitar.

ML&L - What do you remember about playing your first concert?

Euro - That there were more sweaty people than I was.
Stanley - I played in a very warm sweater with Christmas motives; I had long hair and looked like a bumpkin. Beginnings are always the best because they are humorous.
Mato It was in 2007 at a small punk-rock festival. There were problems with electricity so it was really awful concert, but that time we didn´t care about nothing. You know, punk…

ML&L - What inspired you to start writing songs?

No Brake - We always wanted to play the music we like so it was our biggest inspiration and motivation. We are inspired by everyday life and what´s happening around us. Moreover, there is nothing like No Brake around here so sometimes it was interesting to see people´s reactions.

No Brake - New Hope [Official Video]

No Brake

ML&L - How does songwriting process usually develop?

No Brake Usually Euro comes up with some chords and a melody and we are putting it together. Sometimes the result is really different from the first idea, especially because of the drums. Stanley is an outstanding drummer. Lyrics are always the last thing to do. Maybe it´s a weird process but it works for us.

ML&L - What instruments do you play?

Euro - I play the guitar in No Brake but I can also play the drums and the bass guitar.
Stanley - I play the drums and I´m learning to play the piano.
Mato - The guitar and the bass.

ML&L - What artists did you listen to when you were growing up?

Euro - Punk rock, indie-rock and a little bit of everything.
Stanley - While I was growing up I listened to a lot of rock music. I remember how I never missed VH1 Rocks.
Mato - During my teenage years my favorite bands were old Green Day, System of a Down and Nirvana. I was searching for tabs on the Internet and learnt almost every song they ever made.

ML&L - Who has had a major influence on your music?

No Brake - We are mostly influenced by the British indie scene and bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, The Libertines, Block Party, The Subways… All three of us like different types of music but we all like Jack White and his projects.
Mato - My biggest influence is alternative rock band Muse. That is the reason why I bought Big Muff. I love a distorted bass sound.

No Brake

ML&L - What was the first record/CD you ever bought?

Euro - Sum 41, I think…
Stanley - Nirvana - With the Lights Out.
Mato - I´m not sure but I think it was a greatest hits album by Green Day – International Superhits.

ML&L - What is your favorite album?

Euro - I don´t know, probably Arctic Monkeys´ first album. I like Foals and Mutemath a lot these days.
Stanley - It´s a very difficult question because I like many albums. However, now it is Yealawolf - Love Story.
Mato - My all time favorite album is Origin of Symmetry by Muse. The second is OK Computer by Radiohead. These are my 2 favorite bands. Than it is probably Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane over the Sea or The Beatles – Abbey Road. From current albums I´ve enjoyed, for example, the last album by Modest Mouse, St. Vincent or War on Drugs.

ML&L - Are you nervous singing live or do you get nervous before a show?

Euro - No, I´m happy that I can share all my energy with people. It is a nice feeling to see audience react to our music and enjoy it. I´ve tried stage dive lately and it was amazing.
Stanley - Never, I´m enjoying the show.

ML&L - How would you describe your music to somebody who'd never heard it before?

Euro - As energetic crazy indie.
Stanley - I would say it´s sincere music.
Mato - I would describe it as fusion between indie rock, post-punk and power pop.

No Brake - Mankind Overboard [Official Video]

ML&L - What would you be doing if you weren't making music?

No Brake - We can´t imagine our lives without music.

ML&L - What are your plans & hopes for the future?

No Brake - Well, we want to make new and better music, play more concerts and become a successful band. We are also preparing a follow up to our debut album Hands Indie Air from 2013. The first new single was Mankind Overboard recorded last year with an interesting animated video. We are already in the process of making a video for our brand new song. So we have a lot of new ideas for you.

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