New album Noise Blast from Slovak band “No Brake”

No Brake - Moneypulation

Slovak band No Brake released their second album called Noise Blast. The trio composed of singer and guitarist Juraj Beňačka, bass guitarist Martin Beňačka and drummer Lukáš Fabian. No Brake has won several band competitions, played several live concerts and festivals including the biggest Slovak festival Pohoda.

Noise Blast is follow-up to the band’s first album Hands Indie Air (2013). The album title describes their live performances and moreover, Noise Blast has the same initials as No Brake. It´s quite diverse record and contains tracks from different periods the band went through last 4 years.

Most of the songs deal with everyday life, experiences, social problems, but there are also other inspirations like the movie Sophie´s Choice (Fear of Sex) or the book Animal Farm (Sugarcandy Mountain). Album Noise Blast contains 11 songs. It opens with the band´s most successful single Free Your Mind from 2015, which appeared in several Slovak and foreign radio stations.

Then there are new songs - indie rock smashers like Closet Skeleton, Girls' Needs or Love Song For No One, which are blended together with more alternative tracks such as Moneypulation and Sugarcandy Mountain, or more relaxed ballad Flashback. The older political single from 2014 “Mankind Overboard” is closing the album.

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