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Rap music is played everywhere. Rap is continuing to grow, and is taking over the music industry. Nowadays Can't Ignore Rapper Power. Every new rapper bring new raisin with his special style. It’s not only career or hobby. Rap is the style of life. An interview with talented singer-rapper NG Black from France.

NG Black

ML&L - Aristote Onamemba Olela, known by his stage name NG Black, born October 2, 1984 in Congo-Kinshasa (DROC). He left Congo on 2003 and went to Angola. Hip Hop touched his soul when he was 10 years old. It became his life passion.

In Angola NG started to practice on rapping. He started rapping in 2008. He was in the group “Bwe Hustler” that means “More Hustlers”. The underground group was famous in the ghetto in Central Africa. After members of grupe not getting along with each others and NG decided to go his own way and started his own carrier. That’s how team “Black-Furious” was born.


“Black Furious” was composed of two rappers Galiver B a.k.a. Hustler and B.C.M. In 2008 NG dropped a mixtape with “Black Furious” as leader. They gained popularity when in the first day on the streets the mixtape title (First Lesson) sold 300 CD. After that they recorded more tracks they did more street promo. “Black Furious” participated to several concerts and show case.


I am rapper, furious boy from the street. Long time I was fighting with myself in this rap game .But I did it. I do it with love and for love. I am independent artist with lot of projects like all rappers. I do it in English, French. In this moment I am working for my solo album "THE REALITY". Hope music album will come soon”

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