Playing flute with a magic way

The flute always captured the attention of the public. Nowadays also this golden instruments are more hearing across the world. Italian composer, songwriter, Flute Player Marco Di Meco and his musical Flute lineage in an extensive music glossary.

Marco Di Meco Artist/Flutist/Composer

Full Name: Marco Di Meco
Birthday: 5/2/1982
From: Italy Europe

ML&L - Hi Marco. Welcome to May.Life & Live. So at first let’s tell about you.

Marco Di Meco - Well, I can define myself a great music lover. I started play music at age of 6 and since then I never stopped. But I also like art in general, well, I mean...i like every expression by people. For sure I think that the world cannot live without music.

ML&L - What inspired you to start playing Flute? How did you get started with playing and creating music?

Marco Di Meco - I was inspired to play flute by a photo. When I was 5 I saw on a music book a picture. In that picture there was a musician with a small instrument, like flute, but smaller, thin, years later I knew the name: piccolo flute. And as a performer I started early, but in a strange situation!!! I worked in the restaurant of my uncle, and when I finished the work I was playing for the customers with my cousin on the guitar, so we were flute and guitar, and played a pop song, I remember Knockin' on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan and we improvised on it. Now, about 20 years later... I'm still improvising on a melody. I started writing music fairly late. I started at the age of 30 years. After all, I started writing when I was ready to say something of mine.

ML&L - What do you remember about playing your first concert? Where,when was it?

Marco Di Meco - My first gig took place during an exhibition of contemporary art, in a small gallery in the city where I studied music, Pescara. I felt very nervous and I thought I would have played badly. In the end it was not so. I played one song entitled Density 21.5 by E.Varese for solo flute. I still remeber the audience listened very carefully. The concert went well and from that time on, I realized the importance of excite ourselves.

ML&L - How does songwriting process usually develop? Do you find it hard work? How long does it usually take you to write a melody? Do you have favorite places or times where you like to write?

Marco Di Meco - Sometimes I think of a melody and until I wrote it I still hear it in my head. So it is better that I hasten to write it. Other times I write a chord progression and then I write the melody. Other times I write immediately either the melody that harmony. It depends: there's no rule. Regarding the favorite place to write music actually think my music comes from everywhere. Let me explain. I never thought a melody while I'm sitting in front of a blank page. But often I thought a melody during a walking, when I was talking with a friend, ect. I mean: for me the moment when I "write" a melody is always the moment when I live that feeling.

ML&L - What artists did you listen to when you were growing up and what about them appealed to you?

Marco Di Meco - My favourite artists are, since always: Bill Evans, Cannonball Adderley, Sun Ra, Anthony Baxtron and Jimmy Smith. I grew up with these talents and I still listen to them. They give me the meaning of freedom I was searching. I will be forever indebted to them.

ML&L - Do you have a favorite concert? One by someone else?// Who is your favorite jazz/pop/blues or otherwise musician /composers?

Marco Di Meco - Yes, I have my favorite musicians. They are four: J.S.Bach, W.A.Mozart, A.Schoenberg, M.Davis.

ML&L - What was the first record/CD you ever bought and do you still listen to it?

Marco Di Meco - My first CD I bought is a Jazz Album of Russian composers went out with a magazine. I remember how crazy it appeared to me but also how interesting sounded. I still have it in my studio but it's a long time since I do not listen.

ML&L - How would you describe your current sound?

Marco Di Meco - If I have to say the truth: I don't know!!! I like to think to my music like a place where souls can meet. No more of this.

Marco Di Meco - Machado

ML&L - What would you be doing if you weren't making music, composing?

Marco Di Meco - I think I would be Chef. I like eat, but also cook. So: I would be a Chef. Small restaurant. With music live inside!!!!

ML&L - It sounds so nice! Is there a story behind your music?

Marco Di Meco - Yes, always. Like I said before: in other words, I must live a situation, it could be real or just a fantasy, but still I had to live emotions in my head, and not only, that I lived deep.

ML&L - What you can say about “Bimini Project”. Which is your role there?

Marco Di Meco - Actually the Bimini project is finished. It lived two years. Well here the story: I taught music for five years in a private school of music in Italy, near where I lived. The School is called Accademia dei Templi, it is in Chieti, which is also the city where I was born. Well, it's in that school I meet Andrea ( guitar player ). After a rehearsal I decided to create a duo. We made some concert then Andrea told me about one of his friend pianist, Fabiano. So we made some rehearsal in trio, we liked and we started to do some concerts. At this point we had to think a name for this trio. each one of us has proposed a the end we chose my Suggestion. Bimini is the name of a song by Michel Petrucciani played by him with Jim Hall and Wayne Shorter. Amazing music, amazing was an encouraging name, beyond the fact that is a beautiful song. Then we had few concert, but I was writing my music and my attention from The Bimini Project it went completely onto my music. We were agreed to take different ways and we chose to end that project. But when it has been the time to record my first album, I asked them to play my music they said “yes”; they introduced me to Andrea (drum player), then Emanuele (bass player). One of the last concert we had with the Bimini project we played all five together.

Marco Di Meco - Su la notte

So Inspired. Marco is motivated by Flute and loves to hear his Flute tunes. The tune of Flute in a lyrical manner can mesmerize you completely and take you to the spiritual world.

ML&L - Apart of musician, you also are author, right? Tell us about it.

Marco Di Meco - Yes, I like write in verse. Before writing in music, I found my balance by writing poems. I think that poetry is not so far away from music, can go deep as the music. It is a part of me that I can not, and will not, give up.

ML&L - Do you like play in ensembles or solo?

Marco Di Meco - I definitely like more playing in ensemble. The reasons of this are quite obvious: every musician take a part in a something it couldn't exist without one of them. And this can show how much music is important to build a good civility. I believe in that, completely.But this question just gave me the opportunity to present my quintett which include Fabiano Di Dio on piano and fender rhodes, Andrea Conti on guitar, Emanuele Di Teodoro on bass, Andrea Ciaccio on drums and me on flute. They are a really good musicians and I'm proud to work with them.

ML&L - You also are professor of flute at the Music School. What can students learn from you and what can you learn from your students?

Marco Di Meco - Actually in this moment I'm not teaching, that because I'm fully taken from producing my music. But what I can say for sure: teaching is really beautiful, the exchange of information between teacher and student always brings with it an increase for both parties, always.

ML&L - Do you have any advice for new players?

Marco Di Meco - For the youngest: don't give up!!! Never!!! There is a place in art for everyone. Keep it in mind!!! When someone tells you: he is much better than you, he's just trying to take your space. Then: ... don't give up!!!

ML&L - What are your plans & hopes for the future with regard to your music?

Marco Di Meco - In the fall I will record a new album of my compositions. I'll record with my quintet and this will be the third job which sees us together. I'm happy for that. And then new collaborations on the horizon, as well as new sounds in the program. I must say that I am very busy but I like it that way. A heartfelt thanks to you, May.Life Team who supported and given space to many artists. Have a nice life to all.

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