American young rapper Terratino

It's been said rapping is a young man's game, and now more than ever, it seems to be true. Inspired from the greatest rappers of all time, new young rappers want to bring new word, their point of view  and make them known.

Mafioso Terratino

ML&L - Milton Hardy, known by his stage name Terratino, born September 21, 1980 in Chicago. He is grew up on the westside and moved to the southside on Paulina. From childhood the boy was considered talented.

Terratino was 12 years old when hip hop first came in to his life and he started writing lyrics. Bit by bit all this texts became rap lyrics. When he started to rap, Terratino listened to a lot of hip hop with Jay-Z being big influences on him.

Mafioso Terratino - Don't Play (O.G. Terratino)

Soon he started musical collaborations with other artist from the neighborhood. Terratino began rapping with Spree Isreal, Barnone, Notic and several other rappers from Chicago, knowing people like Chi Blizz and others. He has been doing music for about 14 years. Terratino started gain popularity in the midwest hip hop music scene.

He has dream to start his own film company for music videos, movies, and reality show episodes. Now he continues write lyrics, making videos, trying to knocking with his music on the heart of hip hop lovers.

Mafioso Terratino - Jay-z And Kanye West (Ball so Hard remix) #1 by Terratino

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Mafioso Terratino Music Talent

We appreciate his collaborations with May.Life & Live. Rapping is not as easy as people make it out to be, so lets wish Terratino good luck on his music journey! Just continue hard working and put all your soul and emotions on it. Give your way of life!

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