Interview with French pop and nu disco band LUNAXY

The band talk about musical inspiration, new songs creation and upcoming debut album. Pop and nu disco band LUNAXY is set to release their first album "Departure", in May 2018.

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LUNAXY Music Talent

ML&L - Can you give a brief history of your band?

LUNAXY - We are a band of pop and nu disco that was formed in 2016 in Paris by two friends Kim Cabanes and Pierre Brousse. We’ve got two singles out and we’ve just started to play our upcoming album live with the bass player Sébastien Blanc and the lead singer Emilie Saint-Pastou.

ML&L - What is your music background? 

LUNAXY - Our music background is not the same for all of us. The drummer and the bass player used to have a progressive metal band and after the A level, they both studied music in Toulouse. The guitarist studied contemporary music in London, and the singer come from the pop/folk.

ML&L - Who’s your biggest musical inspiration?

LUNAXY - We think the biggest musical inspiration that we can hear on our first album comes from « R.A.M » of Daft Punk.

ML&L - What do you consider as the essential elements of your music?

LUNAXY - We'd say hovering riffs on synths and guitars, and catchy beats that invite to dance.

LUNAXY - My Own Home (Official Music Video)

ML&L - What was the inspiration behind single "Dam"?

LUNAXY - Dam stands for Amsterdam. It’s about an urban place we love so much that it creates that feeling of well being. And of course all the nostalgia that follows it afterwards.

ML&L - If you could gather any musicians or musical groups to collaborate with, whom would that be?

LUNAXY - Anderson Paak without any doubt!

ML&L - Do you have any upcoming projects to share?

LUNAXY - We’ve got a crowdfunding on Kisskissbankbank to support our first album,  we would appreciate if you take a look at it!

Here is the link: KissKissBankBank

ML&L - What is your message to musicians and audience out there?

LUNAXY - As simply said by Xavier Dolan : « I think everything is possible for someone that dreams, dare, work, never give up » 

Stayin' Alive - LUNAXY (Bee Gees Cover)

ML&L - Any last words?

LUNAXY - A big thanks to you May.Life & Live for this interview, we’d like to thanks again people that helped us accomplished our first album (Emilie Saint Pastou, Maxime Olivié, Rémy Saïd, Alexandre Renard, Hugo Salgado, Matthieu Cabanes, Pauline Khamphone, Juliette Hubert, Luis Paganin, Marin Galan, Maëva Gilles, Marion Boissières, Sebastien Blanc) and all the people that we might have forgotten. And of course all the people that support us, our family in particular! 

LUNAXY is a band of pop and nu disco formed in 2016 in Paris by Kim Cabanes and Pierre Brousse. For these two childhood friends from Toulouse, the capital where they live nowadays, becomes the site of an unexpected musical creation. Their first album "Departure", in collaboration with the singer Emilie Saint-Pastou is a compilation of energies with many pop influences: Daft Punk, Bruno Mars or Michael Jackson. LUNAXY, however, knows its own lunar nuances. Kim's hovering riffs on synths and guitars take us on a journey, when Pierre's catchy beats invite us to dance. Both the lyrics, partly written by Luis Paganin, and the music, entirely composed by Kim and Pierre, are imbued with this freshness that knows how to revive past experiences as well as the most current, ranging from Parisian nights to the distant skies of Amsterdam. But what "Departure" tells us is perhaps more about the future experiences, the ambition, the dreams. On some tracks of this album mixed by Maxime Olivié (Polywaves Studio) and mastered by Denis Degioanni (Studio Parrot) you can hear guests like Juliette Hubert on cello or Marin Galan on saxophone. "Departure", independent production, will be released in early 2018. If you see them live, Kim and Pierre are accompanied by Sebastien Blanc on the bass and backing vocals, and Emilie Saint-Pastou on lead vocals.

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