Interview with Liz Moriondo, Songwriter & American Country Music Singer

The country singer's Liz Moriondo loves music in general. She loves writing, singing and performing it. She was influenced by artists like Shania Twain, Bonnie Raitt and Bruce Springsteen. All them and their music completely drew her in to country music.

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Liz Moriondo

The Nashville-based singer, songwriter and guitar player Liz Moriondo talks about her musical influences, her music, the inspiration behind her songs ,and about her new EP "Broken is beautiful". 

ML&L - How did you become attracted to Country music?

Liz -I first became attracted to country music when I just 3 years old. I think it all started growing up singing Gospel in my grandma's church. In fact, when I was 3 it was the first time I'd ever performed in front of an audience by myself! Country has its roots in Gospel, and I grew up in the country on a farm. I have been influenced by other genres of music, as well, but country just came the most naturally to me.

ML&L - Artist or song that has greatly inspired your image and your music?

Liz - I love Shania Twain and her whole image and personality. She is so cool and such a strong woman. She's sexy and sweet. She doesn't let anyone push her around! Yet, she also has a soft and feminine side which I adore. I've all been drawn to Bonnie Raitt, and especially Bruce Springsteen. He is so BELIEVABLE. To me, that's the key - authenticity and believability. I think he has it all and the way he makes people FEEL what he's singing is what I strive to do with my own music.

ML&L - What do you remember about playing your first concert?

Liz - Well, to tell you the truth, I didn't play my first concert/bar gig until I was about 20 years old! Before that I just sang in church, and at local festivals and events, and I always sang to tracks. The first time I sang with a band was just by chance because the lead singer randomly let me get up and sing one. It was amazing. I knew right then I wanted to move to Nashville and that's just what I did the following year. 

Liz Moriondo's "Sandpaper & Bourbon" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

ML&L - What inspired you to start writing songs? 

Liz - I've been writing poems and short stories all my life. The first time I wrote an entire song was in 8th grade. My friend Cole and I wrote a song for graduation. It was so silly, but we thought it was awesome. All our friends cried! I've just been doing it ever since, though not to the level I started writing at when I moved to Nashville 7 years ago. It's practically an everyday thing out here!

ML&L - What does the notion of moving country music forward mean to you?

Liz - Moving country music forward to me means major labels not getting so caught up in cutting only well-known writers songs. The songwriting world can be kind of cliquish and there are SO MANY incredible songs that don't ever see the light of day just because a big-name writer doesn't have their name on it. It's amazing the way people listen to songs with a different ear when they see a certain name on the song. What happened to the best song getting cut instead of the most well-known name?! Also, I would like to see a bigger female presence in country music moving forward. So many talented females don't get half the opportunities men do in this town. I think it is starting to change, but we have to keep it happening!

ML&L - Tell us the backstory of your new EP "Broken is beautiful".

Liz - The day I wrote this song I was thinking of writing something called "Broken" and I wanted it to be sad and slow. Well my two co-writers, Steve Mitchell and Trevor Finlay, had other plans. They agreed to writing a song about being broken, but they wanted to help me write an anthem song for everyone who's been broken in some way or another because we all have trials in life! I was so happy with the song I wanted to name the EP after it. Broken IS beautiful. It's part of what sets us apart and makes us different. It SHOULD be celebrated!

Liz Moriondo's "I Went Crazy" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

ML&L - For a Country artist what advice could you offer?

Liz - Don't give up on your dream. And don't try to be like everyone else. We all have a different path and something different to offer that others can't, and vice versa. YOU are special. Be true to yourself and help others along the way. It always comes back to you in the end!

ML&L - What are your plans for the future with regard to your music?

Liz - I plan to continue doing what I'm doing! I write 3-4 times a week, perform almost every weekend, and I'm loving what I'm doing. I think that is key, to love what you do. I am just trying to stay open to whatever God wants for me in my life and do what makes me happy and feel fulfilled. Music does that for me.

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