Singing to Her Own Tune: An Interview with Music Talent Singer-Songwriter Julia Freifeld 

Singer-songwriter Julia Freifeld plays several instruments and writes her own lyrics to the songs that she performs. Moreover, she recently started a company, which raises funds by donating a portion of proceeds to organizations that work with survivors of sexual violence.

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Julia Freifeld

ML&L - When is the first time and why do you choose to be a singer?

Julia - My parents told me that I was singing even before I was speaking so I've been singing all my life basically. I want to be a singer because music has so much influence and I want to use my voice and message for good to help heal the world.

ML&L - In your musical roots  which musicians have been the greatest influence?

Julia - Growing up I would listen to Aretha Franklin non-stop, she was my first musical influence. I am currently very inspired by singers like Sara Bareilles and Colbie Caillat who have pure voices which have a lot of soul.

ML&L - What do you like the most about singing?

Julia - When I sing I am fully in the moment. I love that singing is creative and I can experiment with my voice and am constantly growing with it. I love that I can sing about anything in the world and usually use songwriting almost as a diary.

Only Human (Domestic Violence Song) - Julia Freifeld OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

ML&L - What do you find most inspires you to write a song?

Julia - Being in nature always gives me a renewed sense of creativity and purpose. I think in a sense being surrounded by nature gives me a clear head to sing about the subconscious thoughts constantly screening through my mind.

ML&L - How would you describe your current sound? 

Julia - I would say my current sound is somewhere between indie pop and R&B. I love spoken word lyrics and combining that with melodic sometimes upbeat melodies in the choruses.

ML&L - What message do you try to put into your songs?

Julia - I am all about the message in songs. I absolutely love that singing gives me a chance to have my voice heard and can make a difference. I sing a lot about sexual violence awareness since this is a cause very near and dear to my heart. I was a crisis counselor for survivors during college and have since started a company that raises funds for organizations that work with survivors. With all the rap that degrades women and helps "rape culture" I want to be on the other side of things and bring messages that make people join the fight against sexual violence.

Sexual Assault Story - Julia Freifeld (ORIGINAL NEW SONG)

ML&L - Is there a story behind your music?

Julia - I guess the story in one word would be change. I want my music to change the way that people think and feel about the world. I want people to open their eyes to the main messages that the Hollywood music industry is putting out there. We need to fully realize that music is culture and if we change the messages were listening to on the radio then we will change the culture in our society.

ML&L - Tell us one song/music that really represents you.

Julia - I actually just wrote the song that best represents me this morning. I am beyond excited about it and I think many can relate. I will be posting it soon stay tuned!

ML&L - Do you have any advice for new singers?

Julia - Be fearless. I am saying this at the beginning of my career and I am still very full of fear in regards to making music my career. I think anyone trying to be a singer as a career needs to lose all fear because fear can be crippling with something as sensitive as creating music.

Wouldn't It Be Nice - Julia Freifeld (ORIGINAL SONG)

ML&L - What other things you do besides music?

Julia - I currently am starting a company called Jewels for Change which sells sea glass jewelry (symbolic of a survivors journey going through the rough ocean waters and coming out a beautiful piece of sea glass), which raises funds by donating a portion of proceeds to organizations that work with survivors of sexual violence. I will be doing a kick-starter campaign soon for it. I also have another jewelry company on the side called kindness gems where the premise is to commit to an act of kindness in the next 24 hours and you will receive a discount on your piece of jewelry. Music and these companies keep me very busy but other than that I would say I'm passionate about overall health and wellness. I am vegan and swim in the ocean most every day which I consider my meditation. I also really love skincare and listening to audio books. I strive to be a lifelong learning because it makes me more passionate about life and helps a lot with song writing.

ML&L - What are your plans ahead?

Julia - I am going to go full force with music and these companies. I hope to combine them and to eventually raise enough funds so that every survivors of sexual violence has recourses available to him/her. 

ML&L - Any last words?

Julia - I absolutely love working with people in music so please reach out to me if you want to collaborate. Anyone who loves making music is a friend of mine and we should all help each other out in this crazy industry.

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