Interview with up-and-coming Singer/Songwriter Jades Goudreault about her music inspirations and her plans for the future

Florida- based Canadian girl Jades Goudreault has won "OUTSTANDING YOUNG ARTIST OF THE YEAR" award in Los Angeles. Her hit single “Bow Down” sends a positive message to her fans and reveals the inspirations.

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Jades Goudreault Music Talent

ML&L - When did your interest in music start?

Jades Goudreault - About 6 years ago I was in a group in Los Angeles called Kids On Stage. We sang and danced but for a long time, I refused to sing! Until one day for a show, someone was missing and I had to sing her solo. I loved it and everyone was so supportive.

ML&L - Growing up, have you always wanted to be a musician?

Jades Goudreault - Nope! I wanted to be an actress! So I guess I’ve always been a performer! 

ML&L - Do you find it difficult to transition from performing cover songs to performing your own original tunes?

Jades Goudreault - Not really. I mean I love doing both covers and originals, but I think its special to sing something that I wrote because I connect to it in a different way.

Havana - Camila Cabello (Jades Goudreault Cover)

ML&L - If you were given the opportunity to open for any artist of any genre of music, who would you choose and why?

Jades Goudreault - Ed Sheeran, because I love him to death, his music is timeless and I think he would be a very fun person to be on tour with! Justin Bieber or Drake would be amazing too!

ML&L - What has been your favorite song to cover?

Jades Goudreault - Probably Say You Won’t Let Go or Raggamuffin!

ML&L - What was the inspiration for "Bow Down” song?

Jades Goudreault - The inspiration was from the best summer ever like 2 years ago. I made so many memories with my friends and I wanted to give it a little nostalgia feel but still a sing-along-in-the-car kind of vibe! I’ve had older people tell me it takes them back to their youth when they hear it! it’s so cool.

Bow Down - Jades Goudreault (Official Lyric Video)

ML&L - What advice do you have for aspiring singers ?

Jades Goudreault - It’s important to start building your social media fan base! Post videos/pictures, reply to comments, etc. Sing songs you love and keep your integrity and passion!

ML&L - What is your next goal as a musician?

Jades Goudreault - I would love to go on tour, sing to big crowds and travel.

ML&L - Is there any message you want to give your fans?

Jades Goudreault - All your love and support means so much to me!! I wish I could reply to all the comments/messages because you deserve the love back! But just know that I see them and it bring me so much happiness.

ML&L - Any last words?

Jades Goudreault - I'm currently working on an EP and I'm excited about these songs! I think the 1st single will be released soon! 

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