Interview with Indie-Pop Singer-Songwriter Francesca Ani about her songwriting, influences and songs.

Francesca Ani studied guitar and piano as a child. She remembers being drawn to the sounds of artists as Carole King and Ed Sheeran. Also Eva Cassidy, Ben Rector, James Bay, and Taylor Swift’s music touches her most.

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Francesca Ani Music Talent

Francesca Ani is sharing her thoughts and love through her songs. She also makes cover versions of popular songs. She shares her musical life and views through the tracks that inspire her creatively.

ML&L - When did your interest in music start?

Francesca - Ever since I was able to talk, I instantly started singing. When I was young, my aunt had a piano that I would play with every time we visited her house. Eventually she gave us her piano, and that’s when I started learning how to actually play and compose music.

ML&L - What inspired you to teach yourself guitar and start writing songs?

Francesca - When I was 10 years old, I had to have surgery on my knee that required me to be off my feet for a few months. I was in gymnastics at the time, so that was really tough for me. That’s when my parents decided to buy me a guitar, and I began to learn how to play it and fell in love. I always loved to write songs and stories when I was a kid, and eventually it evolved into melodies that I could create with my guitar.

ML&L - Who are some of your favorite artists?

Francesca - I have a lot of favorite artists! My favorite singer/songwriters are Carole King and Ed Sheeran, and in addition to them I’ve been very inspired by artists like Eva Cassidy, Ben Rector, James Bay, and Taylor Swift (of course!)

ML&L - Who continues to inspire you and your music?

Francesca - I’m constantly inspired by everyday events. A lot of my songs are inspired by my friends and their relationships, or just different things that I have personally encountered. I also have a few songs based off of some movies and TV shows! It really all depends on what catches my attention on any given day.

Francesca Ani - Storm

Music Talent Francesca, with her vocal power and evocative songwriting gifts, dreams about go on Tour. She enjoys live singing and encourages her audience to enjoy it to the fullest.

ML&L - Growing up, have you always wanted to be a musician?

Francesca - Definitely! When I first started playing piano, I knew music was something that I would always love. Eventually it turned into somewhat of an obsession for me. When I was 12 I began to go to Open Mics with my guitar and sing cover songs, and I realized that singing for people is my favorite thing in the world. That’s when I decided that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

ML&L - When writing a new song where/who do you turn to for inspiration?

Francesca - I like to just go out into the world and to find inspiration. If I already have a solid idea for a song but can’t figure out where to start or a certain line, I usually just take a step back and listen to different genres of music. This really helps to open my mind to different ideas and concepts that I may have not been considering.

ML&L - Do you find it difficult to transition from performing cover songs to performing your own original tunes?

Francesca - I honestly love to do both! Cover songs are fun because I like it when the crowd sings along, or when I can see someone smile because I just played their favorite song. Original music is so interesting because it’s always kind of scary to see how people will react to your own content! It’s basically like standing up in front of a crowd of strangers and saying “Here’s a page from my diary! I made it rhyme for you and put it to guitar. Enjoy!”. It’s such an inexplicable rush, that I never get tired of.

I'm Stuck - Noah Cyrus (Francesca Ani cover)

ML&L - What advice would you give to someone just getting started on this music path? 

Francesca - Always stay true to yourself and do what you love. Music is about self-expression and being who you really are. I always suggest going to your local Open Mic nights! It’s such a fun way to meet local people who are in the music business, and it’s a great way to begin performing in front of crowds.

ML&L - If you could collaborate with anyone who would you choose?

Francesca - I would definitely choose Carole King. In my opinion, she is the most amazing songwriter probably ever. She can create the most emotional and moving songs, and then turn around and write a fun upbeat one!

ML&L - What is your next goal as a musician?

Francesca - I would love to go on tour! My favorite part of the whole musician life is actually performing live and meeting people. My social media fans are the sweetest people in the world, and I can’t wait to meet them in person one day and thank them for their support!

ML&L - Any last words?

Francesca - This has been an incredible journey so far. I want to thank everyone behind the scenes that has supported me throughout all of this. Also thank you to all of my fans, and thanks to you May.Life & Live for the interview! If anyone wants to learn more, they can always go to my website or check out any of my social links.

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