Interview with singer/songwriter Darren Campbell

Scottish singer/songwriter Darren Campbell balances perfectly indie, folk, rock and pop music.  With live acoustic guitar performances across the UK he has gained huge attention.

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ML&L - Who was your inspiration on your road to becoming a singer? What was your big breakthrough?

Darren Campbell - I first wanted to become a musician when I watched my older brother play live with his band in Scotland, he plays in a successful band called MisterWives and I still get such a kick out of seeing him play live, so I suppose you could say he is my biggest inspiration. 

ML&L - Who are some of your very favorite artists or rather, what musicians have continued to inspire you and your music?

Darren Campbell - I am a big fan of pop punk music and I feel that although I don't play pop punk music, the influence comes across in my songwriting. I love watching DVD’s of artists playing stadium shows (Ed Sheeran at Wembley). It pushes me to work hard at my own music so some day I can also achieve this level of success.

ML&L - What do you want your fans to know about you?

Darren Campbell - I am incredibly hard working on my music, and probably shorter than you'd imagine.

ML&L - Can you describe your songwriting process?

Darren Campbell - Unfortunately not, my songs just seem to come to me when I am sitting in my house with the guitar!

Darren Campbell - Head High (Live Acoustic Performance)

ML&L - You are from Scotland. How London has influenced you as an artist now?

Darren Campbell - London has shown me that life isn't easy and the world can be tough, everyone is out to look out for themselves and everyone is out take your money! It has hardened me up and more importantly, made me totally driven to get where I want to be with my music.

ML&L - Last year you have released 3 singles. What was the inspiration for the songs?

Darren Campbell - "Stories" - Is a fun song about meeting someone and wanting to explore their personality. "You Don't Know" was written plainly to tell someone that I completely value having them in my life and loved them, even if my actions and words didn't always show this! And "Another Year" is about how life flashes us by and not to miss it!

Darren Campbell - You Don't Know

ML&L - What do you hope people continue to take away from your songs?

Darren Campbell - When I listen to music I love, it completely de-stresses me and can put a smile on my face, literally changes my mood! I’m hoping my music can do the same for others.

ML&L - Can your fans expect a debut album soon? 

Darren Campbell - Not any time soon, for me singles is the way forward at the moment. This is because I always want to have my most current and best song out. In the future I will definitely record an album.

ML&L - What musicians would you absolutely love to work with in the future? 

Darren Campbell - I have never collaborated musically, but my dream collaboration would be a fast upbeat EDM song with someone like Alesso or Calvin Harris. Something I couldn’t produce alone.

Darren Campbell -This is Love (Live Acoustic Performance)

ML&L - What is your message to musicians and audience out there? 

Darren Campbell - I don't really have a message, I just want people to listen to my music and hopefully they can enjoy it and have it as a part of their lives. If I had to give a message to people I would say work extremely hard on whatever you are passionate about so that you can do it for a living, that’s what will bring me ultimate happiness.

ML&L - What you're up to at the moment?

Darren Campbell - This weekend I head in to the studio to begin work on my new single "Wherever You Are".

ML&L - Any last words?

Darren Campbell - Thanks yourself for taking the time to work with me and have me on your site.

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