Interview with Teen pop singer Daria Stefan

Romanian singer-songwriter Daria Stefan has a spark that never stops burning, she works hard and chases her dream. At age 13, she releases original songs, makes covers and already has thousands of fans who are addicted to her sweet voice.

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Daria Stefan Music Talent

Daria Stefan shares her passion and inspiration, talks about how to be a teen singer and about her upcoming debut Album.

ML&L - How old were you when you knew you had a passion for singing?

Daria Stefan -I started singing when I was six after my parents enrolled me in the Children’s Club of Bucharest. At the beginning I studied other disciplines, not music. Then, there was a moment when I felt I wanted to study something else. So, I firmly told my parents “I want to study music” and I gave up any other discipline for music.

ML&L - What made you decide to get into music?

Daria Stefan - There are things in life that just happen, they come from deep inside ourselves and they get to define us all lifelong. I always thought my decision to study music came from beyond myself or, as I like to say, “from my angel that watches over me from high above”.

ML&L - Tell us some facts about you that might surprise us.

Daria Stefan - So many things keep surprising me too: the way I got into music, the doors that opened for me when I had lost my confidence, the special people that came into my life to support me and to show me the right way. I always felt and I still feel that nothing in life is accidental and that everything happens with a purpose, that God has a plan for me. Most of all I feel that God is there, He watches over me, He guides my steps on this sometimes difficult road that is the “road of music”.

Daria Stefan Feat. Sina Drums - Merry Go Round

“Chain the World, a song with a social message, a pacifist message, a message for love and understanding in a world injured by wars and conflicts”,-says Daria.

ML&L - What’s been the best part of being a professional singer as a teen?

Daria Stefan - I can honestly say that music has changed my life and my way of thinking. I met wonderful people, real professionals in the field of music, people who taught me a lot. I had the occasion to perform in places where I had never dreamt to be. A great opportunity for me was to perform in the USA for the American army veterans on occasion of Woman’s International Day. I also had the occasion to perform for and to meet personalities of the political and artistic Romanian life. But the most important achievement for me is the fact that due to my songs and performance I reached the soul of my public and I won their heart and admiration.

ML&L - What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

Daria Stefan - In music as in any other professional field you choose to perform, there will always be challenges. Every step forward is a challenge on the way to your dreams. Every new song, every new music style and every change represent challenges. One of the challenges that meant a lot for me, that made me feel people consider me an artist, was the moment when I was invited to perform, on Christmas Eve, at Romania’s President’s private house.

ML&L - When you’re not busy singing, what do you like to do with your free time?

Daria Stefan - I attend two schools at the same time, the normal state school and the School of Art, so my free time is quite limited. Thus when I want to relax I prefer to spend my spare time with my friends and my family and surprisingly for a girl, I enjoy watching the football matches of my favorite team!

Daria Stefan - Here 2 Stay - Antena 1 - Neatza cu Razvan si Dani

ML&L - When should your fans expect to hear new original song?

Daria Stefan - I am working hard for my first album with original songs. I have already recorded 5 songs and by autumn I am to release two more songs. I am a perfectionist so I try to find myself as much as possible in my music.

ML&L - What are your plans for the future? Is music going to be your main focus from now on?

Daria Stefan - Music has always been a priority for myself and I hope it will always be like that. At present I am studying hard to be prepared to pass an entrance exam at one of the best high schools of music in Bucharest. For my singing skills I am working with professional teachers and I hope to thoroughly study music in the future too, because Music represents a way of living for me.

ML&L - Any advice for teen singers?

Daria Stefan - It is really very hard to give advice when I, myself, need advice. At my age I need advice, support and good guidance on my way. What I can tell young people like me is that the greatest satisfactions come when you do what you really want to do and you consistently follow your dreams. So my advice would be: “Be confident, follow your dreams, believe in them and they may come true.”

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