Interview with guitarist, singer-songwriter, founder and member of Alesca band Daniel Mo

German musician, singer-songwriter Daniel Mo with a devoted fan base and with modern alternative-metal-rock style and cover versions of famous hits, has gained a strong followers on his social media.

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Daniel Mo

Daniel Mo Music Talent

ML&L - When and why did you start singing?

Daniel - I started playing classic guitar when I was 13 years old. In addition to that my teacher sung with me while playing the guitar. I did that several years but not really good because I always saw myself as a guitar player not as a singer. Then - I think in 2011 - I became the singer of the band Alesca and started to work on my vocal skills. I took classic-vocal lessons about 2 years and sung a lot and recorded myself to improve it.

ML&L - Who are your biggest musical influences?

Daniel - I prefer music with modern alternative-metal-rock style. Therefore I really like bands like RED, Breaking Benjamin, 30 Seconds To Mars, Skillet, Periphery, Chelsea Grin, Machine Head, Caliban, Three Days Grace, PVRIS and of course Linkin Park.

ML&L - Which singers you’d like to collaborate with?

Daniel - Actually there is only the German YouTuber Rezo because he has a great musical talent. I appreciate that a lot!

LINKIN PARK - NUMB ★ Tribute to Chester Bennington

ML&L - You are the member of the band' Alesca". Why you considered joining a band?

Daniel - Back in the days I was founder of this band. A good friend of mine has a really nice studio with great equipment and I had too much free time. So we decided to make music but we needed a few more musicians than us two. So we asked some friends to start the band Alesca. Well, technically we were a studio-band. I wrote the songs, arranged and produced them in the studio and then we went to the rehearsal room and practiced it to play live.

ML&L - Do you want to start solo career or just make covers?

Daniel - I do YouTube, mostly alone, and I write own music for the band. Since I love to making music free for all.

ML&L - As an independent artist which is the one factor you desire most?

Daniel - Probably there are a million things, because it is very expensive, your recording gear cannot be too bad to create quality music, it is very time consuming and you spent a lot of time alone in the studio etc. But that is ok - so from the musician point of view I think I mostly desire reputation - a growing crowd that loves my music. But from the convenient point of view I would like to have a management that handles promotion and concerts so I can concentrate on making music, videos etc.

BRING ME THE HORIZON - TRUE FRIENDS [StudioSession] ★ Cover by Daniel Mo

ML&L - What advice would you give to beginners ?

Daniel - As first rule, you must love to make music and spend your time with it! Then be ambitious and self critically and chances will be high that you will become a good musician.

ML&L - Any new projects or ideas you will be working on in the near future?

Daniel - Our band Alesca is not present anymore. Two of us quit in July 2017. Actually we will continue the band with 3 members. The plan is to produce new stuff and get back to stage as soon as possible. In addition to that I produce more cover-videos on my YouTube-channel.

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