LP “Lost On You” Acapella cover by Italian Vocal-Band Aula39

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LP - Lost On You (Aula39 - Acapella Cover)

Talented boys from different parts of Italy after a contest in Rome, moved to the capital for studying and sharing music. Started in the studio in Rome number 39, boys decided to start together with music and sharing their abilities. The music passion created Vocal quartet, Indie/Pop Band Aula39.

Italian boy band uses acoustic instruments (piano, guitar, ukulele, cajon, percussions), harmonies and electronics.

ItalianVocal-Band Aula39 had produced and released various singles and an album, "39". The band gained a good success both in Italy and abroad.

- Agostino Acquaviva ('93): Lead Vocals, Vocal Arranger, Composer, Harmonies, Piano, Cajon & Percussions 
- Manuel Botrugno ('91): Lead Vocals, Composer, Harmonies, Acoustic Guitar
- Giovanni Seidita ('95): Lead Vocals, Harmonies, Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele
- Luca Tosoni ('95): Lead Vocals, Harmonies, Piano

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