Indian artist who Inspired from the King of Pop Michael Jackson

Loki Ojha dreams make production where all is together mixed: direction, animation, dance screenplay, music and lyrics. He works alone and tries to do his best to show the world what he can do.

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Loki Ojha

Loki Ojha ( Alok) from Delhi, India is an animator and director.

He all alone made video “Devil Share“ where he mixed everything: music dance, singing ,special effects, animation, acting, videography and editing. With his bright imagination he created video which screened in renowned film festivals, like

• Parma Music Festival in Italy
• Clip award Festival in Germany
• Cinephone Festival in Spain
• Animasao Festival Brazil
• Cinema Farinha Festival Brazil
• Cinewest Festival Australia
• Mini box Festival India
• Horror vision Festival in Spain
• Amelia island festival in Florida
• Tolfa short festival in Rome
• World music festival Washington
• Cannes festival

Loki Ojha - Devil Share Music video

Video about the Ghost which come back for revenge. He was killed by his best friend and wife. He made video all alone with his mobile Nokia 5230 and with PC. His ‘Devil share’ video comparing with the Michael Jackson videos. It's a similar look and style, also dance movements that everyone known.

Loki Ojha

May.Life & Live - wishes Loki to achieve all his goals.

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