To belly dance like Shakira with Ignatenko Yekaterina

A belly dancer, instructor and choreographer Yekaterina is winner of competitions and different festivals of belly dance in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. Lively and playful with energy Belly dance has different forms and variations depending on the country, this beautiful, entertaining and expressive dance becoming increasingly popular and there is always something new to discover. Yekaterina dances this sensual art form with full of energy and feeling which attracts and impress to audience. She tries to put her own personality and emotion into dance.



4/07/1994, Karaganda, Kazakhstan

Professional belly dancer Yekaterina is half-Ukrainian, half- Russian who lives in Kazakhstan. When she was 12 years old she began dancing. Inspired by internationally famous artist Shakira she chose belly dance. At first she danced only at home in front of a mirror and practice. She tried to repeat Colombian pop star Shakira's all movements, watched the videos and study her moves in detail how she moves her hips and belly to create a hot dance. After she studied in Dobrynina Radmila’s professional school.

Ignatenko Ekaterina. Haligi/Tabla . Gala show 1000 & 1 night. December 2016. Karaganda/ Kazakhstan

"Dobrynina Radmila is famous dancer and great teacher. She trained me and I took parted festival of belly dance and I was Loser. I cried all day because I didn't get a prize and I said I'll never dance. Belly dance is not my hobby. But my teacher believed me and trained me very hard. Sometime later I did it again and got 2nd, 3rd places and finally 1st place in Kazakhstan. I was happy'', said Yekaterina. Now she runs classes and teacher training through her school. She has her own dance school "Intizar".

Ignatenko Ekaterina with Orhan Ismail tabla improvisation Almaty 2016

‘’Now I'm professional dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. I have professional school of belly dance. My students won awards of different festivals. My credo never give up!’’


May.Life & Live - wishes Yekaterina great inspiration and success. Keep on dancing.

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