Australian dancer Mishel Finlayson and her passion for Brazilian dance.

A native of Brisbane, Australia, Mishel grew up surrounded by dance of ballet and ballroom, but one trip to Rio changed everything. She has represent Australia as its very first Samba Queen in the Rio Carnivals. She has bring the colors, passion and spirit of Brazil to Australian audiences!

Mishel Finlayson

Mishel Finlayson is a International Brazilian dance instructor and performer and Yoga teacher in Australia. In 2014 she represented Australia as its very first Samba Queen in the Rio Carnivals. In 2017 in the history of Rio Carnival, Mishel performed as the very first Australian Muse. During her travelling in Rio, Mishel has studied extensively under the guidance of Brazilian Samba Queens, developing exclusive business contacts with the Carnival industry. She has conducted her Sambaliscious Rio Tours, she inspire dancers to Brazil spirit of Samba.

Samba with Mishel

Mishel Finlayson is founder and director of Sambaliscious Entertainment. She covers a mixture of Samba technique, fitness and Yoga! This all for absolute beginners. She is also a performer and choreographer for music videos and short movies. She brings to Australia Brazil carnival to color and latin rhythms!

May.Life & Live - wish Mishel just continue to express her emotions while dancing and develop her creativity.

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