Head on the floor: Breakdance Power moves and tricks with B-Boy dancer Killa Sebi

Sebi Jaeger, more known as Killa Sebi, is a professional B-Boy dancer, Choreographer, Actor and Coach at Flying Steps Academy. He has been dancing 15 years. He knew he wanted to break. He fell in love with breaking and started dancing in 2002. German break dancer has attracted attention abroad and won several German, European and World champion titles and impressed the audience with his movements. He loves fruits Nature and the truth. Today, Sebi is not only a professional dancer, but also a teacher who empowers young people through breakdancing.

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Killa Sebi

Killa Sebi

ML&L - How does dance inspire you?

Sebi - Energy in your lifestyle and any action you do. If it feels good and it's truly with love it’s the right way. Same as dancing! Its my right way!

ML&L - How do you feel when you perform?

Sebi - Different. If the crowd gets hype that’s what I love. I feel good, I feel myself, sometimes I feel free, sometimes not. Sometimes I am still on adrenaline, sometimes I just do it with fun and pleasure. Sometimes I am tired and just force myself to go through it.

ML&L - Who and what inspired you to become the dancer you’re nowadays?

Sebi - Benny Kimoto , Mikel and the whole Flying Steps Crew!

ML&L - What individual has had the greatest influence on you?

Sebi - Mikel from Flying Steps!

ML&L - What is your favorite part about Dancing?

Sebi - Do what I want. Enjoying myself. Doing things that others can’t do. Getting results of my practice. Getting applause for my shows and getting paid for it. So that I can use my hobby for living.

ML&L - What has dance taught you?

Sebi - Be yourself or the character that you want to be. Nobody can tell you what to do! Only you know deep inside you what to do!

ML&L - What attracts you to choreographing?

Sebi - Making the pictures that I have in my head becoming reality and living.

ML&L - How do you inspire your students?

Sebi - Give them motivation, show them success and let them know they can be the same or even better when they practice hard and go for it!


Winner Red Bull Beat Battle 2007 World Champion

Winner IBE 2012 1vs1 World Champion

2nd Place at 'Best Show' BOTY International 2013

ML&L - You were participated lot of festivals and won, which is for you the most memorable?

Sebi - 2007 Red Bull Beat Battle against the strongest crews in the world. My first World Champion title with Flying Steps ! Amazing, I will never forget that feeling!

ML&L - How many days and weeks do you practice?

Sebi - It depends… but I dance everyday!

ML&L - What was your most challenging dance routine?

Sebi - Maybe the Red Bull Beat. Battle in 2007 or the Battle of the Year International in 2013.

ML&L - What do you think is the key to success?

Sebi - Do it with pure love! Have no doubts and go for it 100 percent!

ML&L - What can you advice for aspiring young dancers?

Sebi - If you love what you do! Do it! Feel free. You are your own creator of your reality and life that you want to have. Start now!

ML&L - What are your goals as a dancer?

Sebi - Support my students to become one of the best. Develop new shows and still making progress. If I'm going to compete in battles again..? I don't know… But I think YES!

ML&L - What projects you have on and what you are looking forward to?

Sebi - BREAKMX its Breakdance combined with BMX this concept is really going crazy. And I still want to make it bigger!

ML&L - Have you got some last words?

Sebi - Keep our consciousness rising!!!

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