Internationally renowned oriental dance artist, choreographer, belly dancer Katerina Joumana.

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Katerina Joumana - Total Oriental Gala 2016

Katerina Joumana, from Russia and based in Austria, is a creator of Joumana Dance Show company.

Tenderness and beauty, music of "1001 nights", amazing plastic skills, luxurious costumes, incredible shows and movement, which stole the hearts of the most sophisticated and sensible spectators.

Luxury and grace, burning candles, flying silk with exciting rhythms and magic of the East ... all this brings oriental dancer Katerina Joumana with her magnificent shows.

Beginning her training with ballet at the age of 5, Joumana's unique style is something mix of a variety of world dance styles: classical ballet, modern dance, Russian/Central Asian folk dance, and of course Belly Dance, which is her passion. Her skills are in demand for lovers of oriental dance around the world.

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