Behind The Scenes with Belly dancer Alex DeLora

Each belly dancer feels differently in dance, expresses emotions individually and finds different ways to show her body movements from a totally internal perspective. Alex DeLora is a Ukrainian belly dancer, who started discovered and training her body to belly dance, learned more and worked hard and now she enjoys her dance tours and inspires audience and herself. She wants to touch people’s hearts with her dance passion and technique.

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Alex DeLora

Alex DeLora Belly Dance

ML&L - Can you share a bit about your beginnings, when and how you were exposed to Oriental dance?

Alex - I started to dance in quite adult age, not from deep childhood. My first experience was in fitness-mix group, it was fitness with oriental music. But quickly I got that Oriental dance is something more than just to shake my hips and belly. I started to discover its culture, origin and roots. And …voila! It is super rich and colorful!

ML&L - Why you choose belly dance? 

Alex - My grandma is from Middle East, so this culture partially in me and it is natural interest I think. I liked to watch old movies and TV shows with this dance when I was a child, but I dare to try only later. And I started to dance seriously not with oriental actually. I did Gypsy Dance, which is very active and colorful too.

ML&L - Who designs your costumes, what is essential in your personal costuming flavor and what influences do you draw from? 

Alex - All my costumes I do myself - from design till last sticky note. Essential in my personal costuming flavor is HARMONY. Harmony in everything: colors, materials, shapes, pictures, symmetry, size and light, and of course harmony with dance and music. Also I like to combine uncombined things, but they still save harmony.  


ML&L - What inspires you to dance? 

Alex - Universe, Nature, Life.

ML&L - What advice do you have for the non- dancers of the world? 

Alex - I have simple advice - START TO DANCE! You will see how life around you is changing. It will bring more energy, more self-confidence and more dreams realized!


ML&L - Name of some of festivals which you participated. 

Alex - Belly Tchê in Brazil, Orientalna Contrabanda in Poland, World Belly Dance Festival in Singapore, WATC in China, Oriental Dance Weekend in Portugal, Koukles Duo Show in Belgium and many others. In have visited 35 countries with workshops and shows.

ML&L - Do you have one performance that stands out in your memory?

Alex - OMG! I have so many performances which stands in my memory, some of them I remember because of some fun or silly incidents on the stage, some of them I remember just because of super lovely feedback from my lovely audience . Everyone has its own special place in my heart. 


ML&L - What are your hopes for the future of Oriental dance? 

Alex - Today in oriental dance we have strong separation between traditional style which save the roots and history, and modern style which develops belly dance with elements of jazz, ballet, popping and other styles. These 2 lines have some conflicts between. So my hope is that there is no "fight" between styles, and all together we bring belly dance to the top of social respect of this style. It is beautiful, tender and not so easy as it may be seemed. 

ML&L - What did you like best about the work? 

Alex - To travel and to meet new people!  

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