Alyssa Shouse, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Alyssa Shouse
Clancy Coulter, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Clancy Coulter
Montess, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Sam Tsui, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Sam Tsui
ADEM Dance Crew, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
ADEM Dance Crew
Ashleen Pratap, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Ashleen Pratap
Dan Sky, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Dan Sky
Megan Nicole, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Megan Nicole
Anthem Lights, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Anthem Lights
Katerina Joumana, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Katerina Joumana
Madilyn Paige, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Madilyn Paige
Masha Kandus, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Masha Kandus
Alexander Stewart, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Alexander Stewart
George Holliday, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
George Holliday
Lauren Black, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Lauren Black
Sonali Bhadauria, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Sonali Bhadauria
Melvin Thomasson, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Melvin Thomasson
Pawel Szutta, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Paweł Szutta
Sebastian Olzanski, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Sebastian Olzanski
Serena Rutledge, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Serena Rutledge
Boyce Avenue, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Boyce Avenue
Freya Ridings, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Freya Ridings
Iro Kleitou, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Iro Kleitou
Katia, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Bianca, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Eva Treurniet, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Eva Treurniet
Myth Of Unity, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
Myth Of Unity
YoungMin You, May.Life & Live Music Dance Talent Show
YoungMin You

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If you are interested in dancing professionally on the stage, or if you are interested in dancing for movies, TV or music videos, you will need to be part of May.Life & Live. It does not matter what kind of dance you are pursuing, either. You can show various styles like ballet, hip-hop, background or ballroom and modern dance. Most importantly, we want talented people whose fully committed to dance! Here you can show how talented you are, your creativity, your ability to express yourself in motion. Here can be your name, your shots and a video highlight reel of your different dance styles. Take advantage of this free platforms and you can take an active part in dance events, battles or in theater productions, TV shows, movies and more. In May.Life & Live you can plunge into the atmosphere of dance, explosion of energy and drive!

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Is Fashion Your Passion? In our website you can demonstrate your style of fashion, your dresses, you can show your fashion items. Here can be Your Fashion and everything associated with it -your style, sketches, portfolio of your work, your skills and creativity. May.Life & Live gives you opportunity to share your fashion news, photos and videos of the most interesting collections of seasons, backstage from fashion shows, reviews, trends of the season, also we can work with our artist and make for star's style, trends and more. Just sharing your story in our website you share and spread it with the whole World. You will be encouraging to keep creating your line and your brand.

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Our website is perfect for those who dream about actor career or just future in acting and those who simply want to show their creativity. If your name is in May.Life & Live website, you can be in touch with directors and other actors and actresses and you may be the first in mind for a specific role. There are many shows and events which you can effectively participate. Here you can look for open casting calls in your area. You can Assemble your resume, make a portfolio and share your Talent, share your videos and get new fan base, to show others your skills. Our website has existing network connections and it will be able to get you auditions for roles that you wouldn't be able to get yourself. May.Life & Live offers you assistance in the preparation of professional and effective portfolio, casting, shooting commercials and music videos, PR-support, promotion, television and film projects, publications in the media, organization of participation in TV shows, glossy magazines, and more.

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Do you have an inborn talent to make people laugh? If you have a sense of humor and people laugh over your jokes, then you have access to our microphone. Here is the place for your stand- up, sketch comedy improvisation. The best place to practice - a field and chat with new people. We give you this Place. Get a humorous vibe with everybody, come up with your own style of comedy. In May.Life & Live awaits you own evening in style open microphone, an evening of comedy in our clubs , shows, events and more.

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We expect any other kind of talent. In May.Life & Live we provide an opportunity to interact with people from different areas. Every talent is unique. Talent is not always only singing, dancing or be comedian or be an artist or an actor. There are many, many other areas where you could be talented. Here you can share your talent, your art, your sport, your works, your skills. Here you can surround yourself with other talented people, share your talents with others, get feedbacks, get new fan base, you can also gather your community.

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It’s a new web which has new approaches. Our company planning to open clubs with stage and office with studios in different countries. The May.Life & Live clubs provide stage and the place where can talents share their opportunities and make show for visitors and fans. We promote artists and their events. Our website gives you an array of information about all May.Life& Live events available in the area, concerts and shows in our clubs, where your friends are going, which upcoming events are planning, which artists will be participated on shows, concert program and more. With our Live –Streaming you can follow whole events and even what happened also behind of scene.

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There are a variety of different ways to become famous on the internet. So many of us these days are just screaming to get attention- just it’s simply enough to become famous. If you already spend a lot of time on social media, you should consider actively growing your social media followers to become famous. Nowadays that virtually everyone has Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram, YouTube channel, Pinterest , Snapchat and blog — it has become harder get ourselves noticed.

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